I’m Not Fat. I Completed Puberty

I received an interesting voicemail from a very close person in my life. On the voicemail she said: “I’m just really feeling self-conscious right now. Anytime I’m around my family they make me feel like I’m fat. They’re always staring at my waist and staring at my stomach. It’s like, can you please freaking get … Continue reading

I love this Lady! Cindi Hobgood

One of these days I’m gonna have a big fancy dinner at my big fancy house for all the people who inspired me throughout my life.  Cindi Hobgood is on that invite list. I met her early on in my career when I was a producer’s assistant and she was a locations manager for a … Continue reading

Reagan Gomez Preston’s Take on Nannies

I’m a total child of the 90s and Reagan Gomez Preston’s character on The Parent ‘Hood was so cool!  I love that she has aged into her womanhood so gracefully beyond what we’ve come to expect from child stars these days. In addition to a really interesting web series that has a pretty dope soundtrack, Reagan regularly … Continue reading

Let Yourself Be Surprised

Real quick— A meeting for work turned out to be a soul searching conversation with an older female co-worker.  She’s got 20 years on me, she’s in the entertainment business and she has a grown child–which means she too was in her 20s when she became a parent.  And she was far less prepared than … Continue reading

Ending Relationships

If you’re like me, you can’t be reminded of this enough.  I’m happy in my marriage, but as my 20s are at the tail end I’ve come to be reminded that some friendships, like seasons, come to an end.  I got this picture from a really great blog called This Imperfect Journey.  It’s one woman’s … Continue reading

Nonprofits: Serving volunteers so they can serve you

Let’s get one thing straight: Real volunteers don’t volunteer for the glamour. Real volunteers are present because they see demand for an unmet need, and they have the ability to fill it. The fulfillment of giving back is just a side effect, albeit really a really awesome side effect! Last month I shared my frustration … Continue reading